Reality Show Number 3

The Lives We Live, forever cemented in history, as the first ever Reality Show produced exclusively through a blog called The Neighborhood at and Facebook via thepublicblogger Page.- would attract hundreds of viewers. Small numbers in a viral world, but a big enough hit for a relatively popular blog, that the creator would double down, believing that a connected audience would welcome the human element to a sometimes impersonal social media world.

The Underground’s Biggest Stage

A Star is Born would be an underground monster. A collaborative of 33 Artists supported the production, while 12 exceptionally talented entertainers vied for the title of Best Performance of the Year, on the underground’s biggest stage. When the 3 month engagement ended, thousands had become addicted.
Who is The Sexiest Man? started slowly, wedged between the ‘Star’ come down and the build up for The MIND + GAME Show. A committee of 5 women and 2 men were given the photos of 100 male underground and indie artists, of all genres, that had made at least one appearance on The Neighborhood stage. 100 was reduced to 35 and via a private poll sent to 250 women social media users, further reduced the field to 21, with only a number and photograph to consider. Through expected attrition, when Round One: THE INTRODUCTIONS rolled around, 12 Men would take to the stage. Four were eliminated, including the top 3 ranked numbers, as voters would set the tone, that sexy to them, was more than a pretty face. And while it was a mild surprise, the first shocker would arrive in Round 2. Poetry Night, when all but one of the recording artists, all rappers, was wiped out, by their own inability to produce a poem.

Round 3: SMILE


On May 22nd, the surviving six enter Round 3 with focus and a mission to bring sexy back by making you smile. With a trip to the Final 4 on the line – double elimination – the stakes are even higher. But in the first twist, #8 has been deemed King for a Day for ranking Number One in Round 2 Voting. As King, the theme of round 3 was designed to fit his wheelhouse, and he has the power to save one of the ousted Numbers. But whoever he chooses to save, must be a savvy game player as well as a talented performer. Their numbers were dispersed to six different Artists – all on Facebook and all with The Neighborhood ties. The saved number must identify correctly, who is holding his number or forfeit the save to the other ousted player.

Who is The Sexiest Number? Round 3: SMILE


Performances & Voting begins Sunday May 22nd at 11:00am PST/1:00pm CST, * 7pm in Rome and Budapest and 11:30pm in Ahmedabad India. The Polls remain open for 20 hours from start, closing Monday the 23rd at 7:00am PST sharp.round 3 smile
THE NUMBERS IN RANKED ORDER: No. 8 Ned Hickson, Humorist, Florence OR * No. 22 Keyur Panchal, Photographer, Ahmedabad India * No. 23 Thomas Lemke, Dietitian, Lahoma OK * No. 4 Riccardo Cuppini, Photographer, Rome Italy * No. 13 Gabor Dvornik, Photographer, Budapest Hungary and No. 5 Keenan ke3n0 Rucker, Rapper, Sedalia MO
The show is governed by Chair Kenderick Merk Nichelson
created by Kendall F. Person, produced by The Neighborhood and The Neighborhood Artists Only @ and thepublicblogger FB Page

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