#26 Aaron AUTO Schell

A Closer Look at #26: the prodigal son

No: 26 – Who is The Sexiest Number?
Name: Aaron Schell
Home: Baltimore
Rank 9

To be fair to the other numbers and the show itself, we are unable to offer much new information, as he is set to review himself during The Introductions: Round One of Who is The Sexiest Number? But #26 has paid his dues. The first recording artists to perform  ‘live’  – sharing the stage with IvySoul Robinson at the 2013 thepublicblogger Awards. And now he returns, prepared to pay it forward, and for that, we thought fair was a relative term. As a compromise, his original review, was removed from the archives.

The Neighborhood takes a Closer Look in rewind at No..26 Aaron AUTO Schell.



Aaron A.U.T.O SchellIn 1987, Digital Underground exploded out of Oakland, California with their original rap sound. Shock G was a little different, with his weird nose, strange glasses and comical voice, but when The Humpty Dance was played at the club, all that could be heard were screams, as everyone rushed the dance floor. And while few would argue that Digital Underground was holding it down, it would be the appearance from a little known rapper named Tupac Shakur, who was thrusted into our conscious when he debuted on Same Song, that made Digital Underground a superstar.

Hard work, dedication, perseverance and talent are at the foundation of any artists’ success, but the x factor may be luck or simply being in the right place at the right time. When the featured underground artist was a surprising no show at Thepublicblogger Awards, A.U.T.O, a young rapper out of Baltimore stepped up to the plate. He did not simply grab a microphone and mumble through some words, he took a deep breath, executed a one man performance… and put it down. Aaron Schell

With so many avenues to produce music and be heard, it is a false sense of belief to think all one has to do is produce a song and become a star. Hundreds of thousands of recording artists on Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation – to name only a few – are as good or better than you. Having the confidence to self-promote, the originality to stand out in a crowd, the support of family and friends, will carry one so far, but having the wisdom to take advantage of each opportunity to be heard, may actually be lady luck smiling down on you.

– The Neighborhood takes a Closer Look .. courtesy of thepublicblogger and thepubllicblogger FB Page, produced & created by Kendall F. Person

The Neighborhood Takes a Closer Look

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