Agnes Mae Williams

Agnes: Mother of My World


My fondest memory of my mom is when I woke up – after giving birth to Khadija, my daughter – and seeing my mom’s smiling face. – Dannette

When our worlds seem chaotic or have been turned upside down: a collapse of a marriage, that we believed, would last forever; the loss of a job, we had planned to retire from; Or the victimization by a crime, and the stolen trust, hurt so much more than the gold we lost. But we can always turn to our Mothers, to put life in perspective and to shower us with an unconditional love.

A relationship between Mother and child, by natural design or the hand of God, is developed with such emotional might, that at times – before we comprehend – it feels like we are being strangled. But we grow older and become wiser and discover, it was not a heavy hand or meant to be intrusive, it was simply a mother’s attachment called love, born within the womb.



“My fondest memories was the summer I spent with my Grandmother and my Aunties. They spoiled me rotten.” – Shanee


Agnes Mae Williams
Agnes Mae Williams Orsby

Ruthie L. DeWitt

I understand how fortunate I am to have – not just my mother, but Agnes, Mother of My World, still with me, and I do not take my riches for granted, and if I ever had please forgive me. Most of the people who view this – family & dear friends – will already know the story of my life, as they have heard my stories of growing up many times before, I am sure. Or perhaps, we met at a crossroads in our lives, and you have lived mine out with me. So, I wanted to deliver an expression of joy, of love of loyalty. I wanted to somehow show the emotion of how my mother makes me feel.

At the age of 11 years old, I was sent away from home, to take care of children, even though I was a child myself. But life was different back then, the “village” was a real concept and not simply the title of a best-selling book. And while I still needed my mother, and I am certain I held bitterness, I am thankful to God, that any years lost or memories that are not of times spent with my mother, I did not carry such costly emotions, at the expense of later years, and the beautiful loving bond, shared between daughter and mom.


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Most of the photographs and words from friends and family affairs, I have on paper, scattered somewhere. But it is my hope, our new generation, who has grown up with the type of technology, not even imagined when I was young, will continue to add to this story of us.


Agnes Mae Orsby


Dear Mom,

I am so proud of your accomplishments. They may feel modest to some, but every life is different and you had to work for what you built. I hope you know, how your story has inspired the family, especially me, and that no matter how many contributions are made through the years – and I’m sure quite a few – everyone will know, it was all achieved through you.

I love you, Mom. – Ruthie


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