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A Closer Look at The MIND + GAME Show’s Lisa Troedson & A Flower Bloomed

Some of us are meant to teach and others are meant to touch. Lisa Troedson of Modesto, CA does both, but if you only know her from afar or view her through a lens that does not see her, you may believe, that she is the words she uses in defining herself “pain in the ass.” But do not runaway. I was 45 years old before comprehension set in of exactly who I was, and it allowed me to start becoming. Lisa Troedson is in the cusp of self-discovery. She breathes an excitement into every conversation, which makes us smile – and apparently frown for some – without intention or seemingly comprehension.


Do It Right
courtesy of YB MUZIK

The MIND + GAME Show was barely an idea, when Lisa signed aboard. There were no others in the room, no promotional videos or images to lure her. And the producer of the show, is not even a voice on the phone, but a series of messages and posts, yet she is all in and ready to go. She reminds us of a woman named Flower Crittenden, who without question or explanation jumped at the chance to star in ‘The Lives We Live’ the first ever reality show in a blog. Florence was trapped and drowning and jumped on the first ship passing, because she wanted to save herself. She would change her name to Flower and before friends and total strangers told her story, that made us cry, yet we fell in love with watching the Flower bloom before our eyes. When she finished in 3rd place,  there was no care, for she had won the battle of finding herself.



The MIND + GAME Show


Lisa Troedson“I feel as though in the beginning of our lives we are not conscious of a lot of things because we have so many unanswered questions. We are also not sure of the experiences we are faced with or how to deal with the pain of being sad. When we fight that emotion we are really fighting ourselves in the process. These experiences help shape us. They are merely pieces of who we are and who we then become. When emotions run high we tend to hide. When we find our place it is there that we do what we love to have inner peace. As long as we understand our own connection we can begin to heal and love ourselves. And once we do that all of the pain will begin to subside. It won’t matter what anyone has to say because you are at you center.” – Lisa Troedson pictured with husband Scott.

The MIND + GAME Show is two months away and still filling its roster. But Lisa Troedson is already creating buzz. With the backing of Funnyman and syndicated columnist Ned Hickson – a third place finisher of A Star is Born – she will come in wearing gloves. And like Flower, she is on a mission of self-discovery, although for very different reasons, that she is not even aware of.  But there is more than human drama, it is a game of elimination and self-destruction, played out on a game board so big, we call it the world wide web. But only one can win. And a word to any gamer that has already discounted her: turn your back at your own peril. She comes across as more than a fighter – and like Rebecca & Thomas – I imagine Scott has her back. Not making a prediction, but do not be surprised if Modesto’s Lisa Troedson becomes  thepublicblogger’s, first reality show star…. we love to hate. – A Closer Look courtesy of show producer Kendall F. Person and thepublicblogger

The MIND + GAME Show coming soon only @ thepublicblogger.com & thepublicblogger FB Page and themindgameshow.com


Flower Crittenden host

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