Angie Harris

No Reason to Give: From Cheerleader to Bedridden, One Woman Finds Strength in Creating Legacy

Now as I stumble through this cruel,
cruel world, I’ll often hear the wind.
And all my emptiness just drifts away.
For I realize, I still have a friend.
– Angie Harris, from My Friend the Wind


All I Know by Bap Mason (Angie’s Son)


No Reason To Give: the Angie Harris Story
by Kendall F. Person

There are so many reasons to be angry and to feel alone, and many times that is how you feel. You can still remember when the marching band would start the party and the crowd would roar to life, and before the football team would burst through the banner, all eyes were on the cheer squad, which you were a part of.

With absolute clarity, you can remember every kick when he lived inside you and every smile, thereafter and you would vow that his life would be free of  trials, just happy. But you could not create the perfect world, in truth no one could. Although, there were mistakes you clearly made, you know that you tried and live with no regrets, nor in need of confirmation from anyone else.

Angie Harris

You would work hard all your life, hoping to build happy and spread the wealth around. But every time you would start to accumulate and the sun would begin to shine, shots fired from your brain, making you feel tired and weak and sometimes, you would even ask death to take you, but you carried on anyway. Then one day, instead of a shot, it fired a cannon that would short-circuit nerves and wreak havoc on your body. You paid it no attention, gave it no power when it took away your ability to walk.  But the pain you could not ignore, although you fought it every day, it would not retreat, but nor would you ever surrender. You were angry, you were strong, you had sorrow, but carried on, because your son was coming home giving you the reason to live.

It finally thought it had you all to itself, confined to a bed and four walls, unable to dress yourself. “It’s time,” it said, “to finally give up”. But as devious and unforgiving as multiple sclerosis can be, it did not know Angie Harris, who would find a reason to create legacy.

When she discovered her son was finding himself in the recording arts, and that The Neighborhood  was already playing his song and planting seeds of knowledge, she would not be surprised, as she was its first supporter.
courtesy of The Neighborhood

Angie Harris

Angie Harris The Neighborhood 2013
The First Supporter




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