The House of Plascencia or La Casa de Plascencia Performs in Two Nations

cover by Robert M. Goldstein

In the Garden of Knowledge Lives a sapient mistress Though she is blind to the world She’ll stop to hear you confess And impart her sage advice But on a limited scope For her great expertise lies In that of Faith, Love, and Hope. – SAPIENT MISTRESS ©2015 Oscar Alejandro Plascencia


from Miami, Childs with Remember When


House of Plascencia

Oscar Alejandro Plascencia, is more than a talented poet, he is a performer. His interactions with the audience, the way he evolves poetry into song, earned his nomination and is the reason why he is currently number one. But the House of Plascencia, and I know it sounds unfair, is trying to win a game, without a competitive nerve.

I can imagine that Oscar would prefer, if things were how they use to be. When all of the Nominees shared one room and the communication was lively and free. But making the final four, and taking down the giant in the process, Oscar has found it somewhat lonely at the top.


#AStarisBornAddictAn Artists Collaboration round could not have come at a more perfect time. It gives him  a team, that he enjoys being a part of. But the real wind beneath his wings is the dynamo Chio Smith, his sister, as well as, a member of the powerful Judges Panel. Her enthusiasm is contagious and when she developed the #AStarisBornAddicts, she may have single-handedly, transformed  an online reality show into must see ‘”tv”.

The only nominee with two nations secured, as Mexico would contribute nearly 25% of his votes. The addition of Childs from Miami Florida, not only fortifies the Spanish Diaspora, but adds what he has been lacking, the firepower of hip hop.

And when the gates opened to choose their Artists, a stampede headed toward Robert M. Goldstein, one of the most recognized visual artists in The Neighborhood this year. Smart choice or overused, we will soon find out. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

A rough start, confusion among the leadership and a lack of awareness of what it means to be the rabbit, the House of Plascencia has shaken off the dust and last I have heard, they will be ready to deliver a memorable collaborative performance.

– A Closer Look courtesy of


The Neighborhood and A Star is Born, created & produced by Kendall F. Person

A Star is Born final four

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