Team Hickson Reclaims Momentum with Satire and Offers Early Look into Sundays Collaborative Performance

Only way to keep momentum going, is to have constantly greater goals.  – Michael Korda


Team Hickson Brings Satire to A Star is Born

Team Hickson


WORLD by 7th Born Productions, chosen specifically by Ned Hickson


“The World is a Funny Place: Elect the Team With Experience” is both their campaign slogan and theme of  Round VII, a week long collaboration with guests artists, culminating in Sunday’s highly anticipated episode of A Star is Born.

The selection of Kendrick Merk Nicholson aka 7th Born Productions, as his music accompaniment, was a demonstration that Ned is broadening his audience and appeal, but considerate of the fan base, that has followed his career.

Behind the scenes, Alicia Luevano Hickson – Ned’s wife and most enthusiastic supporter – has proved to be his secret weapon. Selected as a public proxy in an earlier round, to re-establish order, when judges scores were wiped out. Elevated and remains a trusted member on the powerful Judges Panel (each team is represented), but still keeps both eyes on the team she recruited to take over the campaign.

But it was the strategically brilliant selection of Stephanie Mark Lewis, that sent flaming arrows directly at the competition: Funnyman Ned Hickson has stormed back, with a  current events vengeance. Lewis comes with not just funny, but credentials: Contributor for HuffPost, creator of the much respected Once Upon Your Prime and Winner of Best Comedy Post at the 2014 thepublicblogger Awards.



Ned has demonstrated each and every week, his love of humor, respect of The Arts and positioning as the World’s next star.

But there persist, the unknowns that could derail his perfectly laid out plans and performance: Will Stephanie corral her fan base, to not simply tune in to see her, but to get out the vote for Team Hickson which she is squarely on?  Will Kendrick, who has quietly reveled on  The Neighborhood Stage longer than any other artists – finally rise to  the occasion, taking a proper seat at the table, or is his vast contribution of music enough for him? But the biggest question, the one that must wake Ned Hickson from his sleep: Were the spirits broken of Florence Oregon and a powerhouse Hickson Team, by the results of last week? He better hope not, because the new rabbit is not walking, but running.

Time will reveal when A Star is Born returns in Round VII: An Artists Collaboration (Rules of Engagement)


The Neighborhood and A Star is Born
created and produced by Kendall F. Person

A Star is Born

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