Out of the Blue: The Lemke Camp Has Been Astonishing

Quora Question from Kids B Kool: Are Mummy Bloggers all the same? Who is your fav mummy blogger:

Quora Answer: That New Crunchy Mom, Rebecca Lemke  hails from a private past. Her innocence is refreshing and her judgments, a few are harsh, but not in the condescending “I’m better than you” sort of way, so they are easily received as points of discussion.




A Star is Born

When Steis of Boston went down in round one, few took notice for Steis, a talented songwriter and one of The Neighborhood’s favorite hip hop/R&B voices, failed to make the connection, as he would have no idea he was standing on the underground’s biggest stage, until he was thrown off. And when Hollywood writer Christian Marc took witness of Steis’ demise, the thought of the pressure, forced one of the year’s best performance writers to jump.

On paper, Rebecca Lemke of Lahoma Oklahoma should have been next. Only 19 years old, raised in near solitude – having never seen the game, a press clip or even a photograph of football, the biggest sport in America.

Wide-eyed yet confidant. Graceful but uncertain. Coy, but the years of her private life, whatever it involved, had not trumped her spirit, in fact, it embolden her. She ask questions of everyone she meets. Inhales the knowledge, and magically, the wisdom becomes a part of her, all but instantly.


Thomas Lemke

Rebecca is not alone. From the very beginning of what would become a dazzling journey for his family, Thomas Lemke, her husband, would be her rock and the foundation that The Lemke Camp would build on. What is most respected about Thomas, is not just his absolute support of his wife, but the way he does not publicly interfere,  yet privately, is standing by her side. He genuinely wants the world to see, the star he has always known Rebecca to be.


Hailing from a small town in the reserved state of Oklahoma, when she rebecca03exploded out the gates in round one, not just surviving the first public vote, but out of the blue, she would astonish, ranking in the top 3. “And now you see me.” I imagine her thinking.

Now in The Final Four and not once has her nerve cracked. While the other Nominees were still building their collaborative team, The Lemke Camp would reveal an ensemble: Guy White, The Neighborhood’s favorite animator from Chicago; Summer Rose, a talented visual artists, who had been voted off two weeks ago.  But it was the selection of IvySoul Robinson that sent shock-waves around South Philly, and would confirm, not just maturity, but that The Lemke Camp had decided, they were playing to win.

A Star is Born returns Sunday December 6 @ 7:00 PM PST/9 CST/10 EST and 4:00 AM CET for the much anticipated Round VII: An Artists Collaboration.


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