John Akers

No. 30 Chasing the Dream by John Akers

Raise your voice above the noise
Working hard to tear down and destroy
The fantasy of living reality
Of who you’re destined to be
Chasing the Dream, written by Kelly Lewis,  Round III A Star is Born


The decision was made, the song was written, the recording artist – 14 year old John Akers – was cast and Chasing the Dream was recorded, all in a span of four days. Kelly’s time on A Star is Born was filled with ups and downs, but when she debut an original song, about life and dreams and destiny, she would skyrocket to the top on 3 of 4 scorecards.

But that was then, and this is now. And A Star is Born was Kelly, while the year end countdown is about Young John, and the way his delivery would transform a poem, into a  star turning song.
John Akers
Polished, but not Hollywood. Mature, but still a kid. Like a pro, yet raw and very much underground. Beautifully underplayed, with only a guitar as the musical accompaniment, and  the subtle lyrics would prove to be a winning moment for its writer, even if the moment did not last. But it was the passion that drove it home. A fresh teenager, having already found his voice, but for 2 minutes on a Reality Show called A Star is Born, based in Social Media and the blogosphere, John Akers would remind us all, that it is okay to chase our dreams.

Coming in at Number 30 in The Neighborhood  2015 Best Songs of the Year Countdown, here is John Akers with Chasing the Dream.



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