The Mezzo Maven

Bri Cooper is The Mezzo Maven and Every Time She Sings… it’s Big

Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife. – Tim Gunn

our contribution

Segni di Pace Fino!
Put Your Peace Signs Up

A Performance Review

An award-winning soprano and brilliant hip hop artists, blend their styles with such ease and power, ‘Segni di Pace Fino!’ translated as Put Your Peace Signs Up! is less of a song, then it is a performance, and a show-stopper at that. The message, her voice, his lyrics, put a stranglehold on doubts and fear. The Underground has traditionally been a high-wire act of talent, but it is there nonetheless. But finding this hidden treasure, buried for two long years, was not simply unexpected, but we found a contribution to the world. Not since ‘this time’ a star-studded production, performed by the diva duo of Janet Jackson & Kathleen Battle, have two worlds collided so beautifully.

Bri Cooper is The Mezzo Maven and every time she sings… its big. Her Carlethalremarkable level of talent could soar even higher, but the struggle is finding the right material and collaborators, and Carlethal brought it big.

She delivers a very special, virtual 2-song performance during intermission of ‘The Lives We Live’  – the first Reality Show in a Blog – and if the 6 lives we follow, do not bring raw emotion enough, The Mezzo Maven brings it home.

‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show episode 3 – Emotions with Special Guest the Internationally Acclaimed Opera Singer Bri Cooper… The Mezzo Maven.

– Review written by Kendall F. Person, courtesy of

The Mezzo Maven

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