The Early Contenders: 2015 Underground Song of the Year

The thing about hip hop is that it’s from the underground,
ideas from the underbelly,
from people who have mostly
been locked out,
who have not been recognized.

– Russell Simmons

Flashback —-> 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards Underground Song of the Year Presentation

The Early Contenders:
2015 Underground Song of the Year

2015 underground contenders
Tiffany Chantelle

Chantelle’s love song may not be complex or groundbreaking, but what she does to our emotions is worth so much more. She takes us back in time and reminds us of the innocence and beauty of the first time we fell in love.¬†From London Ontario Canada… Tiffany Chantelle’s First Love makes the early cut.

J.P.  Kallio

Life of Crime dives deep into our minds and sets us free, not to be Bonnie & Clydes as the surface lyrics suggest, but to be free to be whoever we wish to be. From Dublin Ireland…. J.P. Kallio’s Life of Crime is an early contender.


Don’t Know About Me is a dizzying, dazzling ride into the underground’s ugly side. Technically brilliant, his flow is perfect and the hard, throbbing baseline is akin to going insane, Difficult to listen to, we understand, perhaps the absolute genius of this young man, is he forces you to listen anyway. If Hussle Crowe sleeps with one eye open, it’s Curt he sees. Currently living in Los Angeles, but from Detroit Michigan (the irony you will see)….. Curtusee is a powerhouse contender

Leks Rivers
Leks Rivers

The answer to those who like their music nice and slow. Who root for those in the underground and understand the meaning of ‘keeping it real’ but sometimes we want silky smooth. Leks Rivers¬†– the D’Angelo of the underground – sings softly but no less with meaning. From London England United Kingdom….. Leks River’s Nubian is an early contender

Hussle Crowe
Hussle Crowe

Nominated in 2013 for All Over Again. Winner in 2014 for I Deserve That, Hussle Crowe may be the biggest future hit maker, you have never heard of. And until someone comes along and takes away the crown, The Neighborhood declares him, still king of the underground. From Detroit Michigan…. LiveSosa, Billionaire Bo$$y & Hussle Crowe with Feel Us.

courtesy of thepublicblogger

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