Backstage of ‘Young Black Men’

cover art by Keyur Panchal of Keep Picturing

It’s a struggle for every Black Man.
You know how it is.
But only God can judge us.
– Tupac Shakur

Imagine you have been given the stage to speak with those of your own age, something positive, original and entertaining. Something that will add to each of your mystic as well as change the world. Eight young men forge a journey to define their generation for themselves.

Backstage of the groundbreaking ‘Young Black Men’
produced by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

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Baton Rouge: Kenderick Johnson  
Not since the arrival of IvySoul Robinson, Fran Daddy and Hussle Crowe has anyone made their mark as fast as Lil Ken. Talented, ambitious, a recent college graduate and now. officially the director and writer of  this groundbreaking show. And in the event of a breakdown in communication, the final say so. But this one will take teamwork and a desire to create something real.

Sacramento: H-Y Loco Talented, a visionary and a big thinker. Not only does he bringhy the most extensive music catalog, but he is a networker and moves around the region and feels the beat of the generation ‘Young Black Men’  is hoping to reach. Known to fizzle, however, but as my young ace, it this fails – right or wrong – he will shoulder the blame

India: Keyur Panchal is a young, brilliant Indian photographer with the eye of an eagle and has been down for The Neighborhood on a consecutive basis, longer than anyone else on this list, producing original photos for the 3-day 2014 Season-ending Show and 3 months later headlining the most viewed Artists collaboration in thepublicblogger’s brief history. And not only will he get the shot, but when Keyur is in the credits, he brings India with him.


Monroe: Mr. K.I.D. Huey P Is the thinker. A fan of my work long before I even knew he was an artist. And even though I have only been able to showcase his skills on a limited bases, and that I met Ken through him, his maturity and commitment are bar none. Only Keyur has read more of The Neighborhood’s vast collection, than this intellect. He will raise the bar.

Philadelphia: CJ Bennett better known as KIlla K.I.D. would be considered as The Neighborhood folklore and walking history. When I reviewed CJ’s Pole Worker at Night, not only was it the first music review I had ever written, it is literally The Neighborhood’s first show.But CJ is part of a bigger group and I have no idea if he will respond or if they will back him. But impossible to exclude him from the invite list, although, he may never say a word.

Miami: Jay Red arrived last year, riding the coattails of Swift Slay. But he would immediately fall in love with the whole neighborhood concept and after only 3 months, he took control of soundtracking a 3-part season opener: Outlaw. Never heard of it? that is because Jay was not ready and Outlaw imploded. But he is always around because Jay is one of a handful of artists that truly comprehends, its home. And named to The Underground’s Most Beautiful People list, he brings a star appeal, so when he’s ready, the stage will belong to him.

Baltimore: Aaron Schell Like CJ, Aaron is more legend than actual expectation, but he has been known to deliver surprises, like in 2013 when his raw performance, took the The Neighborhood by storm, but when his review started to take off, 600 views in first couple of hours, A.U.T.O. disappeared, never to reclaim has brief status as king. But he’s legacy and a former nominee so he will always be included, even though he will not even read what is being written.

Nepal: Shrestha Bibash My first grasshopper gave us a quite a scare. Nepal’s recent earthquake struck and the death toll begin rising, it was 3 long days we waited and prayed but The Neighborhood tribute gave us all something to talk about. And when he appeared, our relief was only outshined by his shock to discover the amount of love we have for our artists. Fresh out of high-school, college next stop, Bibash can be counted in, but only for short, quick, one-shot type work. But he is a very good writer.

NOT PICTURED Dubai: ÂmRït Shëñàvå Just walked in, but his youth and curious team player design, makes me believe there is a reason why he is here.

Although they have no responsibility for this project, but if they can they will help.

Resources: Fran Daddy Philadelphia – video/film Hussle Crowe Detroit – recording artists – winner of the 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards Song of the Year, Renan Javier Vancouver – Major Motion Picture Composer, created originals scores for The Exorcist and the 2014 Season-Ending Show and Gabor Dvornik of Budapest Hungary our most world renown artists association.

Good luck. The 17th is the last day to give up. But I have never relented control to anyone, and karma tells me to relax and breathe. Rise or Fall – either way – its okay because of their unselfish nature and willingness to forge change. But anyone who commits to this incredible journey, but walks out before its finished, will always have our love and respect, but will join a short list of the vanquished by being permanently expelled.

Pressure? The Performance is built on pressure.

The Neighborhood 

young men

6 thoughts on “Backstage of ‘Young Black Men’

  1. Wow such a wonderful and talented line up we have on the stage. It’s been really awesome to work with you guys and especially my big brother KP 🙂 Love you bro… 🙂


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