Everyday People

Sometimes I’m right and I can be wrong My own beliefs are in my song The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then makes no difference what group I’m in – Everyday People, Sly & the Family Stone


10 Everyday People from all parts of the globe, were invited  to contribute on a heartfelt show. Each was asked the same question, and each will respond in their own way: What does family means to you? On April 8th, a microcosm of the world takes center stage with The Neighborhood‘s Featured Presentation: Family

The Everyday People of ‘Family’

Renee Mallory
Curtis & Renee Mallory, Denver Colorado
TamzenTemple, Geelong Australia
WeAre AllOne, Hong Kong
vip lounge
Simonette Vaja, sydney Australia
vip lounge
Jamal Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kim Gosselin, St. Louis Missouri
artists lounge
Robert Bridge, Tottenham United Kingdom
artist lounge
Patricia Scott, Philadelphia Pennsylvania



a Kendall F. Person production

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