the building of a series ‘Family’

cover photo ‘Motivation’ by IvySoul Robinson
downtown Williamsport
Home of the Little League World Series

The only rock I know that stays steady

the only institution I know, that works is the family
– Lee Iacocca

Your Personal Invitation to contribute your thoughts or emotions on one word with a big concept: Family

On April 8, The Neighborhood will debut a new series Family. But we thought, we would do things a little different on this one: we would ask YOU to contribute via original poem, a short essay, a nonfiction short story, commentary or, you do not have to call it anything. Just write. From your heart, from a place of anger, from victory, from fear, from strength or from love. Use your voice to inspire or to release or to entertain, what Family, at this moment, means to you.

There are no parameters on topics, which may run the gamut from love, to kids, to illness to self, to recovery to death, and anywhere in between.. Maximum 400 words (no minimum) and please include at least one, preferably two original photographs that should somehow, in someway have a relationship with your words, although it does not have to be direct, it does have to be of real people or real places.

Deadline is April 6, no later than 8:59 PM PST/11:59 PM EST. Send in a private message in the social media community where we communicate or via email

Very inspired about Family and the possibilities your contribution delivers to the final performance, the completed series.  Any questions, comments, suggestions – no worries, just ask. I must note, the possibility does exist that your piece will not be included ,and/or a substantial edit or a rewrite request, more typical, or sometimes, for whatever reason, things do not fit. but on such a personal contribution, all good, we are shooting for.

Thank you for collaborating on and being a part of a The Neighborhood Show. You are appreciated and no doubt will inspire someone.

– KP


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