the neighborhood box office

The Neighborhood Season IV Opening Day Collaborating Artists After Party

The Neighborhood Season IV Opening Day
Collaborating Artists After Party



22 artists, 13 acts on 7 stages in collaboration on a short film festival, a kick-off concert, a poetic duet, an artists collaboration, a new song, a demonstration and the debut of an original series; and with a jaw-dropping 700 ‘Likes’ our goal to entertain ’em was achieved. My heartfelt congratulations to all participating artists for combining talents in the creation of something new.

Box Scores

the neighborhood after party

1. Paroxysmal Indulgence

2. The Traveler’s Spirit

3. The Exorcist

4. Blame Game Cheerios

5. Somedays

6. Respect: a Demonstration

7. The Story of Us

8. Raw

9. Trader

10. The Underground

11. South Beach

12. Bluegrass

13. City of Dynamite

Thank You
the neighborhood after party

Thank you for making Season IV Opening Day in The Neighborhood a resounding success. I hope each of you had a good time and feels very proud, because I am so proud to work with every one of you. Most of all, thank you for working with me and for working together in creating blogging history.

the neighborhood after party

Until the next time, may you continue to inspire with your art, motivate with your dreams and create with your imaginations. The pleasure is mine.

– Kendall F. Person


The Cast of Opening Day in The Neighborhood
the neighborhood box office

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8 thoughts on “The Neighborhood Season IV Opening Day Collaborating Artists After Party

  1. Thank you, Kendall and the neighborhood of talented, behind-the-scenes collaborators that made this experience a pleasant and welcoming experience. Your dedication and level of professionalism made all the difference, ensuring the success of this endevour! Thank you for having me partake on a stage of exceptionally gifted artists.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice job to everyone involved, this has been a collaborative dream! Note: to all the artists, remember who to tip your hat to when you garner success in the future – the one and only person to pull this off, Kendall Person

    Liked by 2 people

    1. {blushing} Not possible to have worked with a more talented and dedicated assembly of artists. With everything in my heart, it would be a beautiful thing if one or all of you became a star. But, no matter, you are all stars to me. Thank you Renan Javier. Bravo, as well.


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