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The Neighborhood Press Release: For Immediate Release

Press Release                                                                         Contact
For Immediate Release                                                        Jamal Miller, communications
(510) 320-3174

WordPress Blogger takes ‘The Neighborhood’ and Blogging World to New Heights

“Thank you, Mr. Kendall for inviting me into your neighborhood.” – Hike and Forage

Sacramento, CA  – February 23, 2015  – With the momentum and glitz of a broadway show, author and blogger Kendall F. Person, sets the stage for a new kind of blog premiere, unheard of in the arts & entertainment world. Officially – Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger, more commonly referred by the url – – but internally & affectionately known as The Neighborhood, opens its 4th Season (titled ‘RAW’) in blockbuster fashion: with creativity and within a collaborative of The Arts.

“Person’s use of powerful music to occupy the background as you read paragraphs of human empowerment, makes it easier to embrace the message and heightens the experience, elevating it to a theatrical performance.” – C. J. Leger

Acclaimed for Person’s transformational writing style in the thought-provoking editorials & essays, inspirational prose, imaginative reviews and breathtaking fiction, but what really sets The Neighborhood apart, is its creative collaborations with and use of underground visual, recording & written-word artists, creating a genre – somewhere in between an article and a motion picture – that often touches the heart and grabs the soul.

March 1, 2015 marks Opening Day for The Neighborhood’s Season IV and a talented assembly of 17 artists from 13 cities in 5 countries on 3 continents will deliver all day, non-stop, original entertainment: with new songs, a short film festival, just released music videos, visual art, prose, a demonstrative editorial and a new series: The Exorcist (The Shows).

“Tonight I have learned of an artist named IvySoul from thepublicblogger” – Musically Pressed

On the heels of the success of Thepublicblogger Awards & the 2014 Season-ending Show: Goodbye My Love, expectations has grown among the faithful readers – known as neighbors – with growing anticipation throughout the underground and social media, as to rather the performances can live up to the relative hype. Over the past 2 years, within an all-inclusive forum, built on a foundation of peace, Person, The Neighborhood and its resident artists, have quietly delivered a new genre in original entertainment -found absolutely no where else. The viewing audience has been cheering for more and Opening Day promises to give them what they want… original entertainment with thought., where blogging is a performance art and every post is a show. 

*cover art World courtesy of Kevin Dooley


The Neighborhood Press Release

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